About us

'YU-BI-KA' Ltd. Company was founded in late 1989. Right from the beginning, video and TV production, and TV programme distribution have been considered as our special activity. We have also offered consulting services to newly founded TV stations, and for establishing programme production TV systems. 'YU-BI-KA' Ltd. is the first and the oldest company that offers this kind of services.

At the very beginning we worked on establishing and launching the complete TV system (production, post-production, programmes, and technical realisation) of 3K, one of Belgrade Television's TV channels. In 1989 it was the first and the only commercial alternative to the national TV.

In 1990 we, as a consulting company, offered programme production services to TV Politika, whose founder is the biggest and oldest press agency in the Balkans. In the same year we made a complex video production about a G-4 Super Galeb acrobatic group in co-operation with Yugoslavian Air Forces Command, named 'Flying Stars'. The programme was rated very high at The Farnborough International Airshow in England, and showed great marketing results.

In May 1990 we made a video show of 127 minutes' duration, named 'Go Blue, Go'. The show contains all of the goals of the Yugoslavian national football team at the World Championships from Montevideo to Italy 1990, match snapshots, interviews with the players. This VHS had a record-breaking circulation of more than 19,000 on the territory of Yugoslavia.

In that time we worked on establishing a dozen of smaller local TV stations on the territory of Serbia.

In 1992 the production of the show about Red Star's winning of the European and World Championship was a great success. The show was done in co-production with TV Belgrade and sport club 'Red Star'.

During the days of Yugoslavia's breakup, we distributed internationally created TV shows to the TV stations in Serbia and Montenegro.

In 1994 'Braca Karic', the biggest private company in Serbia, offered us to establish the first, completely privately run TV station. After two-year preparation, we accomplished the task in terms of programmes, production and technology, with the help of more than two hundred co-workers. We were constantly in contact with some seventy smaller local TV stations.

Since 2000 we have concentrated on the domestic shows distribution to local TV stations in Serbia, as well as on our own programme production. We have produced a 155-episode TV serial, named 'Medicine from Nature', about medical herbs and alternative medicine; a 100-episode serial of an interactive TV quiz, named 'Eternal Rivals'; 30 episodes of an interactive TV quiz, named 'Film-phile'; 'Negative' - a series for the youth; a series 'Where to Go on Vacation' - a tourist magazine; a serial full of advice for maintaining our health, named 'With No Recipe'. We have started producing two new serials,'Cooking for you in a Residence' - a serial about international cuisine; 'Safely through Life' - a serial about pension funds and insurance companies.

For more than four years we have distributed a series 'Farm' and 'Made in' (a show features rural and agriculture news and news on small businesses). A dozen of internationally created shows have also been simultaneously distributed. We have mainly cooperated with a large number of local TV stations in Serbia, with TV Politika, TV Art, TV Kosava, TV Studio B, TV Avala, TV Stankom, Channel of Health and TV Novi Sad. We have also co-operated with local TV stations in Republika Srpska and Montenegro.