Only in June 1989, the management of Belgrade Television gave the task of establishing technical, production and programme system , also known as '3K', to one of the founders of 'YU-BI-KA'. This founder, known as an exceptional TV producer and organizer, accomplished the task in a period of ten days.

'3K' was designed as an alternative to two official Belgrade TV channels. It operated as a separate department, out of the Belgrade TV system. It used 'its own' technical equipment, although it was a borrowed one, and rented facilities for production and editorial office. All 3K part-time staff were engaged in the projects on their own schedule.

'3K' was only financed from advertising revenue, which was a unique case on the territory of Former Yugoslavia. During the first nine months 11-hour programme was daily broadcast (from 2pm to 1am), and was under the direct control of the programme producer and the editor-in-chief. The successful programme broadcasting achieved positive financial results.

Due to this experience and previous participation in big events (1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo) and other international gatherings, we offered consulting services to other TV stations, some of which are listed below:

  • TV Politika (We offered consulting services for programme production to the TV direction)
  • TV Galaksija in Čačak (We offered our services to this TV station and helped making the initial project analysis for a project of the local TV station.)
  • We designed a detailed project for a TV programme and TV production of a new TV station on the territory of Former Yugoslavia. The project was commissioned by the Government of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and, later on, according to this project, a YUTEL project was done.
  • We also designed written projects for a dozen of local TV stations in Serbia.
  • We offered consulting services to TV BK, from its very beginning to the launching of full 24-hour broadcasting, and worked on establishing of the technical and production base and programme system for this TV station (from June 1994 to February 1996).
  • From April 1998 to launching of the full 24-hour broadcasting, we offered consulting services to TV Yugoslavia, which later renamed 'YU Info', offered production services and administered the whole system for Radio Television of Yugoslavia (in the end of March 2000).

It should be mentioned that all these activities include a complete programme design process, the establishing of distribution systems, programme's contribution, the provision of necessary technical equipment and suitable staff. The activities also include providing a monthly income for the employees.