Media marketing

Our activity, in the field of the distribution of TV programmes to TV stations in Serbia, Montenegro, and Republika Srpska, mostly comes down to so-called compensation activities. The delivered TV programmes, that is, the right to broadcast the programmes and to make and to distribute copies, are compensated by broadcast air time for advertisements in their programme. Our advertisement time, earned through compensation activities, is sold to any interested clients.

Bearing in mind the great impact of provincial TV stations in Serbia, products advertising campaigns and services for broad consumption produce good results, which cost less than a half of the regular price for the same services on bigger TV stations. More or less permanently, we have co-operated with some 80 local TV stations across Serbia (including regional TV stations broadcasting from Belgrade).

A client broadcasts advertising materials on all local TV stations, and the client covers virtually more than 80% of the population of Serbia (including all regions and significant urban areas).

The partners or brands of greatest importance that had multiple and perennial marketing campaigns in the previous period:

  • Doncafe
  • Magic Coffee
  • Bonito Coffee
  • Centroproizvod
  • Seed
  • Business Club (St Luke Agency - cigarettes)
  • Toyota
  • Democratic Party of Serbia (elections in 2000)
  • Democratic Opposition of Serbia (Kostunica's campaign for president)
  • Nestle Chocolate (Ovation BBDO Agency)
  • Flix - Crisps (Agency)
  • Yumco
  • Bi Mineral Water
  • Pionir - Chocolate (Ovation BBDO Agency)
  • Albus - Novi Sad
  • British Petroleum - Visko
  • The Center for Truck Farming
  • Digit
  • Fidelinka - Subotica
  • Fossil - watches
  • Libresse
  • Fruco - juices
  • Merima - Kruševac
  • New Home
  • Belgrade Fair
  • SAB travel
  • Wrigley's Chewing Gum
  • Zonadex - toothpaste
  • TAKOVO - a food producer
  • TOKOBEL Agency
  • Beopanax
  • Prolom Mineral Water
  • Vrnjci Mineral Water
  • FOX Television
  • One hundred percent forage
  • Biopharm
  • Zastava Car Factory - total ADV
  • Sezampro
  • Biovegetal
  • Fertil
  • Demo expo
  • Blic news
  • Vileda

and many others.

We have agreed with each client separately on all the details about advertising campaigns and media plans for the conditions and procedure of performing broadcasting activities.