Since the very beginning of our work we have been chiefly devoted to producing a television programme of all types and genres. A good number of advertisements have been done by professional high-quality technology (Beta SP Standard). Our clients are companies of various profiles.

During 1990 and 1991 a new programme named 'Jat - Video Review' was monthly made and was presented on international Jat flights.

In 1990 'The Video Calendar of Belgrade Fair' was translated into six foreign languages and used during the presentation of all manifestations in 1991.

In June 1990 a show, named 'Go Blue, Go', was made in co-operation with 'Filmske novosti' and 'Television Belgrade' (both of the video archives were used). The show, of 127 minutes' duration, contains all of the goals of the Yugoslavian national football team at the World Championships, from Montevideo to Italy 1990, interviews with guests, players, the team's coach, etc. This VHS had a record-breaking circulation of more than 9,000.

A good number of shows, named 'Ask SIV', were made and commissioned by the Government of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, as well as live TV phone - in shows, where viewers and the ministers from the Federal Government talked about current political and economic affairs.

A show, named 'Flying Stars', was made in co-operation with Yugoslavian Air Forces Command. Four Beta SP cameras recorded an acrobatic group of Yugoslavian Air Forces simultaneously. Later the record was edited and a 33-minute programme of the best quality was made from it. The programme was rated very high at The Farnborough International Airshow in England and broadcast on numerous TV stations. More than 5,000 copies of the show on VHS were sold in France, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, etc.

A two-hour show, named 'The Star of Euro-show', was made in co-operation with a football club, Red Star, and taped on VHS. The show contained all important details about Red Star's path, that led to the gaining the title of World Football Champion, in a match against FC Bayern Munich, interviews with football aces. More than 5,000 copies of the show were sold.

Owning to political circumstances and economic collapse of our country, in 1992 we stopped actively producing and we started redirecting our energy into other activities.

In 1994 we revived all of the activities - consulting services, distribution of internationally created shows, shows of our own production, marketing services, etc.

Since that time we have acceleratedly returned to the previous activities, especially to the production of our own programme. We have produced interactive quizzes 'The Eternal Rivals' and 'Film-phile', as well as a 155-part series of half-hour documentaries, named 'Medicine from Nature'.

We have also made a 28-part serial of travelogues and a special travelogue series to mark the centenary of founding Las Vegas, the city that is a unique phenomenon; the show on a healthy lifestyle, named 'With No Recipe', which has been broadcast on TV Studio B and local TV stations for two years.

The series 'That Strange is within Us', 'Negative', 'Where to Go on Vacation' and 'Let's Travel Together' and many others have been made.

Our production house has made a promotional tourist DVD film about Belgrade of 49 minutes' duration that has been successfully sold to foreign and domestic tourists.

An interesting and specific DVD show, named 'Calendar for Picking and Classifying Medicinal Herbs' of 197 minutes' duration.

The set of four DVDs that contains 16 episodes about monasteries of Raska School in Serbia ( Sopocani Monastery, Davidovica Monastery, Kumanice Monastery, Djurdjevi Stupovi, Ahilije Monastery, Gradac Monastery, Pavlica Monastery, Zica Monastery, Bela-Crkva Karan Monastery, St Nicholas Monastery in Kursumlija, Mileseva Monastery, Holy Trinity monastery, Mazic Monastery, Mili Monastery, Zastup Monastery, Banja Pribojska Monastery) has been released in co-operation with Gemin 3 producer.

This year we have successfully started broadcasting a serial about indoor and outdoor gardening, named 'The Cottage Enveloped in Flowers'. Currently we are in the process of making weekly serials, named 'Do It Yourself', a show that encourages people to take technologies into their own hands to repair things for their home needs, as well as a promotional film about Belgrade, 'The Belgrade Adventure'. We are proud to announce the latest release of a serial 'Cooking for You in a Residence', where our viewers will have a chance to learn about different cuisine and cultures, and hear inspiring and interesting stories from foreign ambassadors accredited to Serbia. The serials of weekly shows 'Going Safely through Life' that will provide viewers with information on the development of pension funds and insurance companies in Serbia.